The schools hold a number of events in and out of its premises which range from:

Inter-batch,Inter-house and Inter-school Competitions

The school believes in inculcating sportsman spiritin its students and ensures that ample opportunities are given to students, perform their talents and receive the recognition they deserve through a number of competitions.

Educational visits

The school ensures that all students are given extensive exposure, and often holds educational trips to let the students explore the outside world.

School Trips

To allow the students the opportunity of a holiday and time to relax from the learning process, the school organizes school trips for students.

Annual Day Function

The school believes in collaborative efforts and cultural integration, and thus, holds an annual day event to make ensure that students are made part of an extravaganza.

Sports Day Function

To promote an athletic spirit and fitness amongst students, the school holds sports day event involving all students and allowing them to perform to the best of their abilities,and unleash their potential.

Celebration of various festivals and historical events

The school understands the importance of society of respect for beliefs of all people, and therefore, hosts a number of celebrations for students from all backgrounds and inculcating asense of unity and acceptance.