Assemblies and Celebrations

The middle school is full of engagement through numerous assemblies and celebrations involving students to help them improve presentation and communication skills as well as make them phenomenal public speakers.

Project Based Learning

The school believes in research-oriented learning and romotes self-discovery, thus, handing out projects to its students to allow them to learn independently along with the help of the school.

Technology Integration

The school is a proudly smart establishment with smart-boards and e-Learning hubs within the campus allowing students stay in touch with the advancements of technology.

Heritage Education

The school emphasizes on the importance of heritage and culture and ensures that students are culturally integrated with our society and know the importance of the rich heritage they belong to.

Media Literacy

Students are encouraged to critique, evaluate, analyze and create media giving them the freedom to evoke thoughts and spread ideas.

Interdisciplinary Learning Activities

The school practices holistic learning and is dedicated towards imparting skills from various fields and attributes from a plethora of backgrounds, allowing the students master a number of traits.