Activity Led Learning

The senior focuses heavily on practical learning approaches and ensures that even grown students are not taught in a monotonous manner, involving them in activities that invoke both sides of their brains.

Educational Trips

The school ensures that all students are given extensive exposure, and often holds educational trips to let the students explore the outside world.

Technology Integration

The school is a proudly smart establishment with smart-boards and e-Learning hubs within the campus allowing students stay in touch with the advancements of technology.

Spiritual Development

The students of the school are engaged in spiritual activities such as meditation and morning prayers to develop spirituality and help them find peace.

Interdisciplinary Curriculum

The school’s curriculum is designed in a manner that allows students to pursue various interests within the school and learn everything the students are keen on.

Administrative Leadership

The student council allows students inculcate leadership qualities and helps make them ready for managing a number of situations in the future.

Cultural Awareness

The school emphasizes on the importance of culture and ensures that students are culturally integrated with our society and know the importance of the rich heritage they belong to.